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CompX NATIONAL C8040 Disc Tumbler Sliding Door Lock

Combi-Cam Ultra with Master Key & Retrievable Code

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  • Description: 3 Dial Combi-Cam Ultra lock with 1-1/8" cylinder
  • FM7440L-KEY
  • Description: 2 Master keys for FM7440L-26
  • FM7432L-26
  • Description: 4 Dial Combi-Cam Ultra lock with 1-1/8" cylinder
  • FM7432L-KEY
  • Description: 2 Master keys &1 retrieval pin for FM7432L-26
  • Replaces any 3/4" keyed cam lock and fits material up to 7/8" thick. Combination can be changed in seconds without any special tools or disassembly. To change the combination simply set the dials to the opening position, then depress and hold the reset button while changing the dials to the desired combination.

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    To retrieve combination on Model 7440 3-Dial Open the lock with the master key, while in the unlocked position turn each dial until it stops, press and hold the reset button while turning the dials to the new desired combination
    To retriever combination on Model 7432 4-Dial Open the lock with the master key and rotate the lock-head clockwise to unlock; uninstall the cam lock from door then insert the code retrieval pin into small hole on the back of the body; turn the top dial until the retrieve pin drops into the dial - rep
    Comes with One 1-1/2" straight cam
    vendor ID FJM Security
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